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Hello Dolly!

Based on 'The Matchmaker' by Thornton Wilder, Hello Dolly! tells the story of Dolly Gallagher Levi, a matchmaker who has been hired to arrange a marriage for the widowed half-millionaire Horace Vandergelder. This show marked the debut for CAOS of Hannah Sanderson in the title role of Dolly and the first male lead role for Brian Collie. The show was a wonderful mix of colour, wonderful songs and great good fun. The showstealer is of course the title song Hello Dolly, but other wonderful songs included the opening number 'Call on Dolly' featuring Dolly and the full chorus;​

'Ribbons Doiwn My Back' sung by Lorna Gallacher (as Irene Molloy); the hilarious 'Elegance' featuring Irene , Minnie, Cornelius and Barnaby and 'It Only Takes A Moment' sung by Irene and Cornelius.

The review published by NODA was very complementary as and went as follows:

"The role of Dolly (Hannah Sanderson) was superbly played with comedy timing and delivery ensuring maximum impact and entertainment with an excellent singing voice delivering the well loved numbers to perfection. Vandergelder (Brian Collie) was well played with a strong comedy flair perfectly characterizing the role also with a very fine singing voice. Cornelius (Mark MacDonald) and Barnaby (Callum McNeill-Ritchie) were a talented pair with Barnaby demonstrating some excellent comedy talent. The role of Mrs Molloy (Lorna Gallacher) was delightfully played and sung, with Marianne Herron in the role of Minnie Fay giving a delightful comedy performance. The role of Rudolph (Bob Johnson) was superbly played and ensured maximum impact in this key scene. The roles of Ambrose (Brian McKay) and Ermengarde (Maggie Magor) were nicely played with fine performances from Ernestina (Olga Watkins), Mrs Rose (Lauren McGowan) and The Judge (Ian Inglis). A strong chorus ensured the big musical numbers were delivered with maximum entertainment." 


Dolly Levi                                                    Hannah Sanderson

Horace Vandergelder                                    Brian Collie

Irene Molloy                                                Lorna Gallacher

Cornelius Hackl                                           Mark MacDonald

Minnie Fay                                                  Marianne Herron

Barnaby Tucker                                           Callum McNeill-Ritchie

Ermengarde                                                Maggie Magor

Ambrose Kemper                                         Brian McKay

Rudolph Reisenweber                                   Bob Johnson

Ernestina                                                    Olga Watkins

Mrs. Rose                                                   Lauren McGowan

The Judge                                                   Ian Inglis


Joan barrie, Heather Cameron, Sheila Clelland, Isobel Dickinson, Sheila Dickson, Wilma Ellis, Toni Gentles, Marion Haines, Liz Hammond, Adrianne Masson, Lauren McGowan, Helen Millar, Margaret Milligan, Jennifer Monoghan, Jo Page, Doris Clark, Janet Shimidzu, Marslaidh Smith, Mike Clarke, Peter Hemphill, Ian Inglis, Bob Johnson, Ken Roberts, John Taylor, Murray Ure.

Musical Director:          Ian Milligan

Production Director:     James Cassidy