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La Perichole

'La Perichole', a comic operetta by Jacques Offenbach was a bit of a step into the unknown for CAOS. No one had heard of it before, but it had been suggested by Ian Milligan as a show that would show off the Society's singing ability at its very best ..... and boy was he right. The whole Society had great fun rehearsing for and performing this show. The setting was Lima, the capital of Peru in the 1750s when Peru was a Spanish dominion. To suit the whim of the Viceroy - a great man for the ladies - an attractive street-singer (La Périchole) is brought to court and made a Countess by the simple expedient of marrying her to a newly-titled 'Count' who is really her street-singer partner and lover. Like all of Offenbach’s work, this show was full of good comedy character parts, engaging romantic intrigues, colourful costumes and delightful music.

The show received great critical acclaim from our audiences and none of the members will forget the spine-tingling moment every night when, at the beginning of Act 2, our audiences gave a collective gasp and a spontaneous round of applause at the amazing costumes worn by the ladies chorus.

Lorna Gallacher played the title role of Perichole and sang beautifully throughout the show. Her leading man, Piquillo, was played by Director James Cassidy to great effect. There were superb performances by all the Principals, but who can forget the Aged Prisoner played by our Stage Manager, Peter Rickard.


Perichole Lorna Gallacher

Piquillo James Cassidy

Don Andrez (The Viceroy) John Taylor

Dona Inez (The Viceroy's Daughter) Marianne Herron

Serafina (Inez's Duenna) Wilma Ellis

Felix (Captain of the Guard) Bob Johnson

Count Cigarillos (Lord Chamberlain) Callum MacNeill-Ritchie

Baron Panatellas (Chief of Police) Brian McKay

Esteban (Landlord of the Three Green Parrots) Ian Inglis

Gonsalez (Landlord of the Golden Salamander) Matt Duncan

1st Notary Heather Cameron~

2nd Notary Janet Shimidzu

Paquita (A Flower Seller) Lauren McGowan

Conchita (A Flower Seller) Charlotte McFarlane

Eulalia (A Lady of the Court) Olga Watkins

Mercedes (A Lady of the Court) Maggie Magor

Aged Prisoner Peter Rickard


Joan Barrie, Heather Cameron, Doris Clark, Sheila Clelland, Angela Dickinson, Isobel Dickinson, Sheila Dickson, Toni Gentles, Janet Goring, Marion Haines, Liz Hammond, Charlotte McFarlane, Lauren McGowan, Helen Millar, Margaret Milligan, Jennifer Monoghan, Ann Ross, Janet Shimidzu, Susan Simpson, Fiona Sutherland, Matt Duncan, John Gallacher, Ian Inglis, Andy Law, Robert Simpson, George Stewart, Connor Wilson.

Musical Director: Ian Milligan

Producer: James Cassidy