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On Stage

If there are many stories to be told of goings on in the dressing room, there must be just as many concerning events on stage .... fluffed lines; missed cues; missed entrances; ad libs; etc. Probably the audience didn't even notice, but we did.

So if anyone wants to share a story or two, once again send them to the editor using the 'Contact Us' button.

1995 - La Belle Helene

Murray Ure had a quick change from dinner suit to Greek God in Act 1. He rushed back on stage in his Greek toga - only to find he was still wearing his socks with his sandals. He looked just like a 'Brit abroad'.

2006 - South Pacific

A member of the cast, playing a senior naval officer, failing to exit by a door that wouldn't open, mysteriously managed to exit through the ship's steel plating.

2007 - The Merry Widow

The anticipation grew ....... and grew .......... and grew, as we waited for the Widow to make her entrance ............. just being fashionably late, that's all.

2008 - Annie Get Your Gun

The French Emporer's undergarments coming down, thanks to an over-enthusiatic tug from his Empress - thank goodness for the precaution of an extra pair.

2009 - Fiddler on the Roof

Ken again ..... as he casually wanders into the Inn ater the scene had been underway for a couple of minutes ....... but professional that he is, he made it seem the most natural thing in the world that a customer should just wander in ..... as they do.