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An organisation such as ours is expensive to run and we are grateful for the continued support of our Patrons, whose contributions help a lot. If you wish to become a patron either contact our President, Danny McKirgan on 01877 330919 or use the 'Contact Us' link on the left of this page.

Many of our patrons wish to remain anonymous and we extend our thanks to them also.

Our current Patrons include:

Joan Barrie

Tony Beaman

Mr & Mrs George Garland

Vivien Gibson

Peter & Diana Hemphill

Mr & Mrs Brian Luti

Mr & Mrs John Martin

Brian & Pauline McKay

Lauren McGowan

r Peter Mehta

Frank & Rita Park

Bill Paterson

Mr & Mrs J Plank

Kate and Brian Rathbone

Janet and Mark Shimidzu

Liz and Peter Tarrant

Mr & Mrs F Trzebiatowski

Mr Robert Vanhegan

Mr & Mrs T Woodward