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Heard In The Dressing Room

The dressing room is a place of nerves, tension and marvellous wit and humour. It's a place of wind-ups, put-downs, last minute panics, misplaced props and costumes and most of all great camaradarie. Repartee is the currency of the dressing room and laughter the salve to sooth nerves.

The aim of this section is to gather together some of the best of the humour heard over the years in the dressing room and anyone with a story to tell should submit it to the editor via the 'Contact Us' page. No attempt at anonimity has been made as we are confident that not one of us minds laughing at ourselves. So here's a couple of tales to start us off.

Fiddler on the Roof - 2009

On the second night as we were getting changed into our costumes, Ken Roberts offered his opinion that our opening night performance had been really good. Quick as flash, Crawford came back with ..... "well you should know Ken, you watched most of it from the wings" ..... this after Ken had missed three scenes he was supposed to appear in.

Ken again ....... this time bragging about how all the female cast members kept asking him to show them his pollocks ........ that's right POLLOCKS .....................

Hello Dolly - 2011

There's a very quick change before the 'Parade' scene - on Technical Rehearsal night, someone was heard to ask whether it was really necessary to put on the 'chaps'. Peter said that James had said it was ......... immediate reaction from Bob Johnson was "NO FLIPPIN' WAY" or words to that effect. 

On Dress Rehearsal night, there was some consternation amongst the cast as to whether there was some nepotism involved in the selection of next year's show - La Perichole by Offenbach. See the photos below to see why .....

Jaques Offenbach

President Ian

There was some concern in the gent's dressing room that the show might be too long, so it was suggested that in order to save 20 minutes, at the end of Cornelius's soliloquy, the Judge should just say - "right, got all that"

At dress Rehearsal Ian Inglis forgot to put on his mustache when playing the Judge. Some wag pointed out that he only had 2 things to do - 5 lines of dialogue and wear a mustache - ah well, 50%'s not bad we suppose